Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Swedish Ship Gotheborg

Rated globally as the largest wooden ship of it former East Indiaman model, the Swedish "Gotheborg ship" made its stop for 3 days in the Western Harbour of Alexandria. from April 1st to the 3rd before sailing back to the shores of Gotheborg in Sweden.

With the aim of enhancing intercultural relations and achieving cross cultural experience between Sweden & Alexandria, the "Gotheborg" Ship is the first complete archetype of the older historical commercial version, which was destroyed upon its entry into the Gotheborg port in 1745.

Using the same handcraft tools & raw materials that were used in the 18th century, the ship took over a decade to build.
The non profit Swedish Organisation SOIC funded the construction of the ship, with the intention to journey to China and back. The ship left Swedish shores on 2nd October 2005, heading towards China following the same route of yore, passing via the Suez canal and India.

Read The Captains Weekly report about Alexandria

Read The Woodcarver's (of the ship)impressions

On Saturday 9th of June The Swedish Ship Götheborg returned to her home port Göteborg in a fantastic sunshine and warm weather. The ship has been out sailing for over 20 months on her first adventurous expedition to China and back. Already early in the morning the ship was met by a lot of small and bigger boats that welcomed her home.

Brought to my attention in The Alex Times (Live Colors Egypt Publication) Issue 8, May 2007

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What Egyptians eat

A friend brought this to my attention . . .,29307,1626519_1373729,00.html

A "Time" photo article on weekly food consumption across some countries in the world. This link will open on the Egypt page but feel free to scroll up & down. Its really interesting.
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