Monday, June 27, 2011

Recycling Project in Cairo

My friend "A" from The Sinai Peninsula sent me this information which I think everyone in Egypt should know about.

Its a wonderful recycling project at no cost to you, but extremely helpful to its beneficiaries.


I've suggested this NGO to our residents coordinator here and thought maybe folk here would also be interested.

They deliver bags to you to collect household waste and then they collect it each 2 weeks.

It's a great recycling project run to give jobs to poor Egyptians, so maybe you want to give them a call too and help them.

You can do it company, individual or compound basis.

All you do is give them a call in English and they will put you on the system. Easy peasy and you can help give Egyptians jobs and help recycle our rubbish!!!

Here is all the info here for you to spread around : )

For companies they also provide metal containers to hold the paper and cardboard as well as special bags for glass, plastic, cloth etc.

Dear Mrs A

Thank you!

Gamayit El-Misbah El-Mudii provides a free collection service for residences, companies and schools to collect paper, plastics, glass, clothes, household appliances, batteries, furniture and other recyclable items no longer needed. Since 2005 they started to collect recyclable items and sell it to recycling companies. In 2005, the founder, a very energetic and enthusiastic Egyptian Lady started this collection service to be able to provide work and income for poor people. She has done so for almost 70 employees by now!

Apart from providing jobs for the poor, this service fulfills another desperate need: to Clean Egypt! It is also important to separate our waste so recycle companies can make new products out of it. This way there is less waste to go to the landfills, less air pollution through burning landfills and less health implications and even savings of natural resources. New Egypt is Clean Egypt!

The NGO collects almost everything, of course glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, Carton boxes of Juices like Pure, old clothes, electrical equipment, furniture, batteries, metall. Until now they DONT collect the carton box of the Juhayna Milk and these Styrofoam packages because nobody buys it from them. If things are already pre-sorted it facilitates their work.

For the PET-bottles which you best collect by bringing the air out and putting the cover again (less volume), just ask for the big collection bag that you can hang in any store area. The carton you preferably collect in any carton box ex. Nestle or Aquafina etc. Smash cans to reduce the volume and put it in any plastic bag. For the old clothes you will get a special bag to put them in.

To make sure to be registered in the system please fill in the electronic form:
(if the link does not show properly please just copy it into your browser)

We will contact you to inform you about the regular bi-monthly collection date at your place.

If you want to get more information, if you have special needs or if there is any problem please do not hesitate to call, and we might be able to sort it out 0170588869 or 0143282727(english)

It might be that things do not work out perfectly for the first time but once you are in the system and your place is known, it works pretty well – with reliability.
We are learning together!

Thank you and best regards

For Gamayit Misbah El Mudii

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