Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cat Missing at Cairo Airport, Can YOU Help?

An acquaintance of mine - Michelle, had a terrible experience when flying out of Cairo in December 2010 when Delta Airlines lost her pet, Patch, at the Cairo Airport.

She is currently back in Cairo and is trying to intensify her search for her beloved pet and would appreciate any help that you can provide. Contacts of people who have access to areas within the airport that the average visitor does not would be the most helpful as they can keep an eye out and may have seen Patch hiding somewhere.

Take a look at

Michelle is also offering a reward for whoever can help find her cat - Patch. Here is a mail that she sent out:

"Some of you may remember my horrific experience in December 2010 when Delta Airlines lost my pet, Patch, at the Cairo Airport. To this day, he has never been spotted at the airport. I am fairly sure they never really searched for him...but I still am looking for him.

If any of you are willing to pass out a flyer or two when you pass through the airport or know of an employee at the airport who would circulate the $500 reward flyer, I would be most grateful.

Patch has his own facebook page..."like" it to support his safe return.

Delta Airlines Lost My Cat in Egypt on December 18, 2010

I have posted the pictures of his carrier...he did not rip it open as Delta Airlines claimed....disgusting cover up.

If you would like a copy of the Arabic or English version of the reward flyer, please email me.

Michelle Evans

Also for anyone else flying with a pet - Delta has a really bad record of pet safety.
Kitten Freezes To Death After Delta Flight, Owner Offered Free Trip And $50
Please consider alternate airlines when flying with pets.

I flew my cat with Emirates Airlines both times. A little more expensive, but very good with pets travelling as cargo and excellent care was taken each time at Cairo-Egypt, Dubai-UAE and Delhi-India.
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