Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Some Old Pictures of Egypt

Nihal guided me to this site & it truly has some wonderful pictures

Check out this link, it has a HUGE collection of photos for Egypt (Cairo, Alex, Luxor,,,), also I was very interested in the section of famous personalities ( Charles Baehler , Le Comte Habib pacha Sakakini, Safia Hanem Zaghloul pacha, Samuel Sheppheard) and the maps of Cairo
.... purely AMAZING!
Have a great day,


Asraralbanat said...

i'm also a ptptian & loved that site :)
ps: we switched to wordpress due to blogspot problems too..

sanjay jha said...

nameste from india and mumbai
liked your blog article and approach,is it possible for you to link my blog in your mumbai blog and also add in your linked- In networking please,warm regards,

April said...

Dear Kim,

We'd love you to list your expat blog on our new website, to help us build a great resource for all women living overseas.

Please take a look at our site at:



Cairogal said...

Hey Kim-you still out there? Haven't seen you post in a while!

Kim said...

still around. current isp is givng me trouble with blogspot & the "new & improved" otlob. Something about asp's.
if u've been in egypt 4 awhile, u know how long it takes to change ISP's :)

But im right here & have been writing. will just have to wait a bit longer to post..

Cairogal said...

Good to know! It can be a pain getting regular, reliable connectivity.

Prometheus_Unbound said...

Why did u stop posting?

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