Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dubai firm launches Muslim image bank

Dubai firm launches Muslim image bank
by Lynne Roberts on Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Muslim Heritage Consulting has launched the world’s first Muslim history image library online.

The library, at includes manuscripts from the 10th Century as well as contemporary images of people, architecture and museum artefacts.

Collections telling the story of Muslim civilisation have been brought together from museums, archives and private collections across the world.

Many images recreate pivotal moments in history such as pioneering early surgical work carried out in the Middle East centuries before similar treatments were available in Europe.

Samia Khan, spokesperson for Muslim Heritage Images said with interest in the Muslim world growing, it was important to have a definitive and reliable source of images.

'One of the biggest challenges for museums, publishers and production companies has been trying to relate these stories from the past using imagery which is extremely difficult to find. Muslim Heritage Images has brought together thousands of images of manuscripts, and photos of Muslim culture, history and people and made it accessible using a simple online format,' she said.

A note of caution : I visited While the pictures are beautiful, they are all copyrighted. Only the minor thumbnails are clear, slight enlargement shows pictures with large watermarks which take away the beauty of the picture. I guess this is a site for commercial distribution of the images.

I am not against copyrighting, but it can be done tastefully like those at (Refer my previous article : CIC World Press Photo 2007 Awards Exhibition) so that surfers who would just like to enjoy the beauty of the pictures can do so without any hindrance. But if you try to copy the image by any means, it disallows that and a polite message requesting you not to copy the picture pops up.

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