Monday, June 02, 2008

Arab women push boundaries gently

From LA Times

Many have become opinion makers and talk openly about sex, politics and other topics.
By Jeffrey Fleishman, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
June 1, 2008
BEIRUT -- The censors didn't quite know what to do with Lina Khoury's play about sex, rape, menopause and a visit to the gynecologist, but Islamic hard-liners were pretty specific: One wanted to stone the 32-year-old writer; others accused her of being an Israeli agent planting immoral ideas in the Arab world.

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Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention Amy Mowafi------cairo's very own carrie Bradshaw.

Kim said...

She is mentioned in the article with a picture of her side profile :)

I didnt write the article. Just linked to it.

Darell said...

Hey Kim - love your blog - I keep telling people to get flat within crawling distance for ground

I have linked your post to mine at this place =

All the best


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