Friday, October 26, 2007

BCA’S 5th Cairo Cricket Carnival

Attended the first half of BCA’s 5th Cairo Cricket Carnival today.

This was organised by the BCA in conjunction with the Cairo Rugby Club and the CSA.

It was good fun. 4 groups of 4 teams each. India A & India B both topped in their respective groups. Semis & Finals are tomorrow.

The matches are 5 overs per side and are even quicker than the twenty/twenty.

There's a wonderful craft market and home produce bazaar where you can pick up some interesting knick knacks.

Both BCA and Cairo Rugby Club are running a bar counter and a food counter each. Yummy sausages, burgers and kebabs are on offer at the carnival.

We ended the day with a wonderful live performance by Yehia Khalil and the Nile Rockers. The weather is awesome and so were the spectators. Of course there was some good natured ribbing of the competing teams :)

Oh I forgot to mention the presence of child minders, face painting and some aerated slides for the kids.

Do try and come in for the finals, its worth the trip. A complete package for the whole family.


Anil said...

nice photos... :-)

Kim said...

seeing that u clicked most of them .......................


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