Friday, July 20, 2007

BCA - South African Braii Night

After watching an Action Packed Adrenalin Pumping Die Hard 4, It was time for a South African Braii at the BCA.

Since I've not spoke about the BCA before let me just introduce it right here. The British Community Association originally formed for British expats in 1976, now welcomes expats from all countries as members. Only qualification - a non Egyptian passport.

There are 2 clubhouses. One in Mohandaseen & one in Heliopolis. The one in Mohandaseen has pool tables, a video library, a book library, dart tables, a well stocked bar & a cafe /restaurant (about 3-4 varieties of main courses every day)

Their Newsletter - The BCA Chronicle is really informative (more information than the CSA Magazine for example) They have a Pool, Darts & Cricket league. There's a major Cricket tournament coming up on 26 & 27 October that they have organised.

At their Annual South African Braii (entry 60LE inclusive of dinner) there was a salad bar with a variety of potato salad, coleslaw, Pap & a bean/carrot/dried beans salad.

The meats being barbequed/grilled were Boerewors , Marinated Fillet Steaks, Pork Spare Ribs with special K Sauce, Pork hamburgers, beef hamburgers &Peri Peri Chicken.

Ox Tail Potjkiekos (a kind of stew), Bunny Chow plus a few other South African favourites like Klippies and Coke, Springbokkies and more were also on offer.

The entry included 3 types of grilled meat & the entire salad buffet. Everything we tasted was excellent. I can't fahtom how they got the Peri Peri Chicken & the ribs to be as soft as they were. The Spicy sauces & traditional South African Condiments available were the cherry on the iced cake.

To top it all off "Dirty Looks" a local band was playing live music from the 60's to the 80's. The 2 guitarists, keyboardist, drummer, & main vocalist were excellent. Their saxophone player was out of this world. It was a wonderful experience when he came into the middle of the dance floor playing his sax. They played a wonderful set of numbers from Santana to Ray Charles.

A very enjoyable evening. Very relaxed. Great food, great music, great company, great prices, great organisation.

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