Monday, July 16, 2007

Kemetic Orthodoxy

Looks like the ancient Egyptian religion is making a comeback in the USA.
Kemetic Orthodoxy is a modern organized religion reviving the faith of Kemet (ancient Egypt). It is a specific tradition within Kemetic Reconstructionism. It gained federal recognition in the United States of America as a religion under the name "House of Netjer" in 1994, and its tenets emphasize monolatry, ancestor veneration, and personal devotion. Although based on ancient Egyptian beliefs and practices, the religion was founded in the late 1980s by Tamara L. Siuda, known formally within her faith as "Her Holiness, Sekhenet-Ma'at-Ra setep-en-Ra Hekatawy I, Nisut-Bity of the Kemetic Orthodox faith." She underwent her coronation as Nisut-Bity in 1996 through ceremonies performed in Egypt, and in 2000 she achieved a master's degree in Egyptology. The organisation is centred around the Tawy House temple in Joliet, Illinois but there are followers of the faith located around the world who correspond via the internet.

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