Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Papads & Pickles

Good news for Indians in Cairo (& Lovers of Indian Food)!

Patak's pickles have been available in Carre Four for over a month now and the stock seems to be getting renewed (Its not the same old dusty bottles sitting there)

Also unlike the Thai pastes from "Thai Chef" which are only available in their mildest form, Patak's pickles are available in Mild, Medium and Hot versions. I obviously picked the Hot versions & they are completely worth the 33 pounds they are currently charging. The Mango pickle is my favourite, then the mixed and then the lime. These are the 3 versions that are available as of now.

Her curry pastes are also available, but there the price doesn't make it worth the money for Indian cooks. I haven't tried those.

Sharwoods curry pastes & chutneys are also available at Carre Four and Alfa Market in Zamalek (I haven't checked other outlets yet) I've only tried the Bengal Mango Chutney. It was not hot enough for my taste. I haven't tried any of their other products. Based on my sampling I would say - "not as Authentic as Patak's"

There was another brand of Indian pastes at Alfa Market Cuoco or Kuoko or something like that. It did not smell robust enough, so I did not pick them up.

I did see Lijjat Papads at Alfa Market Not the spicy Punjabi Masala ones, but the slightly tamer pepper versions. But YES ! Papads are now available in Cairo too.

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