Thursday, January 31, 2008

Intra Cairo Transportation

Muhammad tells me :

I think the metro starts at 5:00am or 5:30 and that is the first metro from any of the four terminals (Helwan, Al-Marg, Shobra, Giza). Which means it will take some time to get to Maadi, Also if you miss a train you will have to wait for a while since in the morning there is about 15mins (sometimes more) between one train and the next one.

Microbuses usually run all night though. The last Metro goes out of the terminal round 12:00am. The 4 trains as far as I remember meet in Tahrir (Anwar Al-Sadat) Metro station round 12:30am.

The public transportations, other than the metro, tends to end by 11:00am so you’d better be aware of that. I’ve heard that the Airport buses run all night, but I have no confirmation for this peace of information. The new green mini-buses tend to run a bit later, but that would be line dependent.

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