Sunday, August 24, 2008

Receiving Indian Television Channels in Egypt

I'm often asked this question by Indians (and a few expats from the Middle East) who move to Egypt : "How do I receive Indian Television Channels in Egypt?"

NileSat receiver, receives some of the Indian channels for Free like NDTV Arabia and NDTV Imagine.

To get most of the Indian channels, you need to install something called a "Pehla" card into your set top box. From what I understand, people who migrate to Egypt from the Middle East can bring the same card over and continue to pay the subscription amount in the Middle East. I'm not sure of the legality though.

There are some cable operators who offer "Pehla" subscription in Egypt. I have seen some operators in Maadi advertise in the CSA magazine-"Oasis". I think his name is Tarek and the company is called "Queen"

The Pehla Channels offer Star Plus, Star Movies, Sony, Set Max, Star World and a lot more Indian channels, but the feed is the same as that of UAE not India. From what I have been told, the saas bahu serials in the UAE are running on par with the telecast in India.

You can check which of these options works for you.


Ferida said...

You can also receive Zee Aflam, an Indian movie channel, on NileSat, by the way.

Kim said...

hmm, thats interesting. I alwasy thought Zee Aflam was a music channel.

I Should re-check

Anil said...

what about internet speed in it possible to see movies/videos online there?

Mohammed Asim said...

Im Raaj from India.

Im searching for some Indian channels on Nile Sat...
PLEASE help me.

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