Wednesday, August 20, 2008

BCA Library

The BCA in Mohandaseen and Heliopolis have a decent sized library of books at both locations.

Membership to the club automatically gives you membership to the book library. The library works on an honor system and depends on members donating books to the collection.

More details on other benefits of being a BCA member are here :

There is also a Video (Casette and DVD) library at Mohandaseen which stocks the latest movies and tele series. BCA membership gives you automatic membership to the Video Library, but you have to pay 10LE rental per movie, which you can keep for a week.

The video library operates on certain days at fixed timings only. Contact the BCA for more details.


Arni'sJourneys said...

Hi my name is Chaitra. I live in New Jersey, USA. I am planning my trip to egypt from past one month and was really happy after I went through your blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, it helps people like me to know insights of egypt. Would like to hear more from you on tourist locations and tips for travelling.

Good Going!!

Kim said...

Thank you Chaitra.

I have been meaning to write more about the tourist locations in Egypt. But I've been completely swamped.

Hope you have a good trip to Egypt

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