Monday, October 13, 2008

Life Coaching in Cairo

Amal, a friend of mine in Cairo has started Life Coaching specifically targeted for English Speaking practicing Muslim women in Cairo(and the rest of the world - since it is conducted by phone or internet).

Life coaching is a process that helps clients to articulate their dreams and aspirations, to clarify their purposes and goals, and to then help them achieve outcomes in any area of their life: personal, professional, relationships, health…

Amal was trained in Canada by Muhammad Alshareef (the founder of AlMaghrib Institute among other organizations) through DiscoverU ( to use techniques and methods that are successful in secular coaching, and apply them within an Islamic framework.

If you’d like to know more about her service, you can go to: and get more information. She does have a special offer of a free session before October 15th that could give you a taste of the service before signing up with her, if you’re interested.

As far as we know, it’s the first service of its kind here in Egypt.

Added on 18 Oct 08: Amal has extended the offer for a free session until the 20th of October.


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