Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quirky News from Egypt

Today was a day for strange news out of Egypt.

1. The Daily Star reported that a fatwa had been passed by Al Azhar which allowed women to hit their husbands.

2. The BBC reported that a primary school teacher in Alexandria beat a 11 year old pupil to death. - Did he misunderstand the news in point no 1?

3. Also from the BBC Egyptian police arrested a "wife swap" (also known as swingers) couple.

I'm still shaking my head in disbelief......


Cairo Typ0 said...

A fatwa that "allowed women to hit their husbands." Gee and i've been calling it PMS all this time. ;)

Sara Abdel Azim said...

loooooll oh my gosh! can we get any crazier?!


Hello from Canada! I enjoy reading your blog and learning all about your life there. It helps me understand my daughter's new life in Egypt. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

1. fatwas are always funny, killing TV channels owners, killing Micky mouse and hitting wives and husbands.

2. this show how our society is a self destruction society.

3. this show how our society is a self destruction society.(yes like #2)

Kim said...

hehehe @ Cairo typo and sarah.

LPE - U r welcome, glad to know you enjoy this blog.

an Egyptian - your point of view (as evidenced by your comments on this blog) are often quite depressing. Instead of grumbling about the situation, why not work on alternatives?

Ferida said...

Hi Kim,

Just noticed this entry only now. Thought you might like to know that about four years ago now, it was estimated that about 60% OF Egyptian men are beaten by their wives. I don't know how correct that estimation was, but it seems all the Azhar is doing is legalizing this?
The case of the little boy beaten to death is a sad one that now has generated serious discussions with regard to allowing corporal punishment in school or not, which is a very welcome debate.
The wife swapping case shouldn't be a surprise. The bored upper middle class has taken to this practice all over the world.

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