Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Siwa Oasis : The Collection

These are the links to the Eleven Parts in a beautiful series of articles written by my friend Gabi Philips who has spent an extended period of time in Siwa.

Part 1 : Transportation
Part 2 : Where to Stay
Part 3 : Where to Stay (contd)
Part 4 : Shali
Part 5 : Places to Visit
Part 6 : Aghourmy : The Oracle & the Broken Rock
Part 7 : Cleopatra Spring, the mountains & Fatanas island
Part 8 : The House of Siwa
Part 9 : The Annual Celebration
Part 10 : The Desert
Part 11 : When to go, Where to eat and more

I hope to add to this collection when I make my own trip to this alluring oasis.


salah said...

WOW , really i love ur blog , i wanna really to exchange links with u , my blogs talks about ancient egypt..waiting ur opnion..

salah said...

hey still waiting ur opinion abt exchanging links

amr.m.rezk said...

WoW Kim,
What a series you have got going here, keep it up sweety. :)

w said...

"salah said...
hey still waiting ur opinion abt exchanging links

Friday, December 05, 2008 5:01:00 PM"

Dont be so demanding salah - you waited 1 day then demand an answer - very rude.
Heres an opinion about your blog... its quite boring unless you are fixated on pyramids.
Proof of this is the 152 hits your site has received - 2 of which were myself - and 1 of those was because I only went back to find pics of Egyptian women (which I didn't find anyway).
People like you should just post photos of yourself on and montior the site 24/7 for some recognition.

RandomShit said...

hey Kim..came across ur Hydbd blog while searching for a route from Hydbd to Pondicherry...anyhow went thru ur other blogs meanwhile..and i must agree..u have a great taste and apetite for writing and feeling the world around you..! :P

Anyws i was really close to visiting Egypt like two years back..i was in Mediterranean at that time..though visited other places around..and i still regret not visiting it then!!
How come u landed there..? working there..?u seem to be an XLer though.

Kim said...

You should have realised that this is a long holiday weekend in Egypt my friend. I wasn't online for a while.

You are welcome to post a link to my blog on your page.

Amr, thank you for the compliment on the series.

W, thank you for fighting battles for me :)

RandomS, Thank you for the compliments.
Yes i am an XLer, as is my husband who got transferred here on work.

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