Monday, May 12, 2008

Siwa Oasis - Part 2 : Where to Stay

This is the second in a beautiful series of articles written by my friend Gabi Philips who has spent an extended period of time in Siwa.

There are many hotels in Siwa with great variety in prices starting from 10 LE/night and upto 400 $/night :)

I'll start with the cheap and budget hotels:

1. Cleopatra Hotel: It is 5 minutes walk away from the main square, good location in my opinion.
This hotel has 3 levels of accommodation, the cheapest is a room with an external bath for 17 LE and with internal bath for 23LE (single).
The one I tried was a normal room with bath for 35-50 LE (single-double).
There are rooms with air conditioning and TV for 85 LE with an excellent view on Shali.

2. Kelany Hotel: In the main square. The normal room with bath and view of the market and Shali is for 50 LE with fan and water heater.
A side view room with TV, receiver and fridge costs 70 LE.
Triple room is for 120 LE.
The hotel has a restaurant on the roof with a good view of Shali and prepares normal and local food and is reasonably priced.

3. Arous el-waha: Very close to the main square and looks very good, prices start from 50LE, I thought it was much more than that because of some comments I read on the internet.

4. Palm Trees Hotel: 2 buildings away from the main square.
15-25LE for bed with external bath (single-double).
35-45LE for double- triple with attached bath.
50LE for Siwan Chalet in the garden of the hotel.

5. Youssef Hotel: In the main square
10-16LE single-double with external bath.
15-25LE single-double with attachedbath.
(not advisable unless you really want to rough it out)

The following hotels most of them have a natural water pool and some are 3 stars, prices are around 150-300 LE

1. Kenoz Shali Lodge: few minutes walk from the main square, built in the Siwan style, there is a restaurant for anyone to dine.

2. Siwa Safari Paradise: has a natural water pool, 3 stars, few minutes walk to the main square.

3. Reem El-waha: has a natural water pool, on the way to Aghouramy (more than 1 km from the main square).
The rooms have TV, fan, water heater and fridge.
90-140LE for single-double room.
110-160LE for single-double room with air conditioning
All rates on B&B basis.

4. Taghaghein Island: few kms away from the main square, it is an island in the Western Lake of Siwa with lodging and day use facility.

5. Mubarak Hotel: Long walk from the main square, no pool.
About 150 LE for B&B.
Mainly used for official events.
Very good hotel, I tried it couple of years ago.

6. Penta: Relatively new, it is between the gardens on the Eastern side of Siwa.

7. Siwa Inn: Far from the main square, has a natural pool, prices from 160-280LE.

Many more interesting hotels with photos in the next message.


Pictures and more descriptions can be viewed here

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