Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Johnny Rockets in Egypt?

Heard Johnny Rockets may be coming into Cairo sometime soon.

Its an American based international retro diner-style restaurant chain.

Possible locations include, City Stars, Heliopolis and Zamalek

The Khorafi group which took the franchise to Lebanon and Dubai is expected to be bringing it to Egypt too.


Anonymous said...

hmmmmm more thigh expanding cuisine for thighs already at their max...

hmmmm I thought you were vegan?

Kim said...


I'm pretty much a eat-everything-you-see-itarian


Mike said...

Hi Kim!

Hope you are well. I just came across your blog. Great stuff! I am writing to you because my partner and I are launching a website that will be populated with cross-cultural information about every country in the world. We will be looking to the web community to help do this with all the information being available for free. I was wondering if you and/or members from your community may be able to help us out with the Egypt pages. We would love your input. Let me know if you would be open to this and I'll send along a brief questionnaire. Please also feel free to check out the website, become a member (it's free!) and add to the guide.

Here is a link to the site: http://www.culturecrossing.net/


Michael Landers
Director - Culture Crossing
Email: michael@culturecrossing.net

Leah said...

Hey Kim, I love your blog. It's amazing. I used to live in Cairo 7years ago and now I am coming back for 7 weeks this summer with my 2.5yo son (did I mention I'm a single mom?). I will use a lot of the useful info on this site, especially since my knowledge of the city is now 7 years old. Can you recommend a good semsar?
p.s. I am also a Reiki healer :)

David Pettengill said...

Johnny Rockets IS in fact coming to Egypt. We are also coming to Turkey, UAE, Bahrain, etc. Stay tuned to the website at www.johnnyrockets.com

Debo Hobo said...

To be honest I had never heard of Johnny Rockets so UI Goggled it and there is one near me ( a couple of towns over) so I am going to have to go and check it out.

Kim said...

I have mailed you separately and taken that discussion offline from here.

Look forward to seeing you here in Cairo. which part of the city are you planning to live in? Leave me your email id, we can take this offline as well. Coldwell Banker and e-dar are pretty decent with multiple locations. But if you have a particular location in mind, I may be able to recommend someone better.

Thanks for confirming.

Hope you enjoyed your meal at Johnny Rockets

Leah said...

Hi Kim, thanks for the suggestions. I am pretty open minded as to where we are as long as it is not too incredibly far out in the suburbs. I'd love to be within walking distance to a nice nadi with a pool since my son just loves to swim! my email is leah_ida@hotmail.com
look forward to hearing from you and thanks in advance for your help! Best wishes, Leah

Kim said...

Hi Leah,

If you are looking for facilities as well as kids your son’s age,
Maadi would be the closest to town.

You could also consider
Rehab and Kattameya

6th of October is easily accessible for the Dreamland pool but not too much else happening in 6th of October until all the big projects take off which could earliest be mid of 2009.

Shades of Blue said...

Yep. Just tried it in the US this summer for the first time and was surprised to see it in City Stars. It's opening in phase 2 replacing the old Carvel (which now moved near new food court). That's across from Shorouk bookstores.

Kim said...

Thanks for the update Shades of Blue

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