Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Moroccan Konooz

Morroccan Konooz
Furniture & Home Accessories
2 Ismail Mohammed Street
735 3775


I always kept looking at the colourful and intriguing display in this shop whenever I went to Alfa Market in Zamalek and had to come around this place (above Metro) because of the one way system.

Finally I decided to get it out of my system and visit the place.

Although from the outside it looked like I could pick up a ton of stuff, it wasn't what I was looking for.

Most of the items are really large tables and swings and things like that, or else they are really tiny pieces like a little decorated tagen pot about 6 inches high. Nothing in between.

There were some lovely pieces of jewelry which I was told came from India, so I know, I'm going to try and pick out those designs when I go back home :)

The large pieces are beautiful. They are more expensive than buying them in Morocco, but the hassle of carting them over and customs has been completed, you just have to get it to your home.

Beautiful pieces, worth taking a look if you are furnishing your house in Cairo.

They also have another location in Maadi at 26, Street 233, Degla. Tel : 521 2548

they are open from 10 to 10 and are closed on Sundays

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