Wednesday, May 07, 2008

MBC4 - Noor ?

All my regular programs that I used to watch on MBC4 (One of the few free to air English channels in Egypt) seem to be replaced with an Arabic daily soap - NOOR!!!

Why oh why can't they just stick to English programs on MBC4?

They have a range of channels for Arabic programming. The MBC series MBC4 (English serials) MBC2 (English Movies) and MBC Action (Action based serial and movies) are the only free to air English channels in Egypt other than Dubai One.

I just watch an hour or so of TV in the evening if I get the time and to have all my regular programming Ghost Whisperer/Medium/So you think you can dance on primetime 9pm-10pm replaced with a soap and an Arabic one at that, and daily, is no fun at all :(

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Candace said...

last year we had desperate housewives on mbc4, and they just pulled it suddenly without warning! i was so upset :(

burrito said...

lucky you to move somewhere with a different culture and be so comfortable that your big concern is what's on the telly.

Kim said...

burrito :

No one said our big concern is whats on telly.

This blog isn't about my main concerns. Its about life in general.

But yes, when you move to a new culture where majority of the people speak a different language, being able to watch telly in a familiar language is a huge part of maintaining sanity

Anonymous said...

kim is right besides laila elwie the half egy/grk siren star of noor is a big bore in arabic or english.....i thought they piped american and english cable channels into egypt?

Kim said...

You have to really pay a bomb for Show Time and Orbit.

Since I barely watch an hour or 2 of tv a day. It really isn't worth it.

But yes, you can get a lot of American and British channels if you pay for them.

Anonymous said...

i wish noor could have english subtitles at least. u have to admit, that guy is almost as hot as mcdreamy :)

Kim said...

See, now you have given me the right incentive to watch Noor! LOL

Maybe i might just pick up soap opera arabic in the bargain. :)

arrow said...

hi my name is arwa i am an egyptian citizen i would like to say that i really like this plug because it made me see how foriegn people think about my wondurful and smart culture i am brilliant and i am only a sample of all the wonderful egyptianes and the warm egypt i would also like to say that noor connot be subtitled in to english because then it will lose its essence because noor is originally formulated to cope with an arab culture and traditions any way i would say that ya mcdreamy is so hot

Kim said...

arwa, Given that Noor is a serial shot in Turkey, with Turkish actors who can't speak arabic, (their live appearance in Egypt had to be dubbed in arabic) I don't think that the serial is representative of Egyptian or arabic culture.

I have a lot of wonderful Egyptian and Arabian friends who have truly introduced me to the warm, welcoming parts of Egypt and a lot of friends who have married into the culture. Yes it is a wonderful culture and some of its traditions are truly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi,I Am An Iranian Citizen And I Watch MBC4 Alot,And I Have A Problem With Noor Series Too.The English Subtitle Would Be So Helpful. What's More,Those Who Dubbed This Series,Did An Awful Job. By The Way,When You Start A Channel,You would Think World Wide,So You Have To Think About Everyone Who Would Watch This Channel Not Just Arab People Who Watche This Channel

Anonymous said...

i am a Filipino residing here in Saudi Arabia. I am starting to love your tv show Noor. but i am having hardtime understanding the story. so if it is possible to put english subtitle or have it dubbed in english so that everybody could relate to the story...please!
thanx, sodapop

Anonymous said...

Hi with regards to the series Noor kindly help and either translate or have subtitles in English as a very big audience is really interested to understand the series.

Anonymous said...

I've jus got back from 2 weeks in Sharm, wicked holiday.
Watched plenty of Noor, everytime i turned the telly on it was on, lol.
I also watched this Homeshopping program on MBC4, can anyone tell me the name of the female presenter(s) please?????

Rasha said...

Hi All,

I saw that you were talking about Noor show. AM one of the fan and I watched it all ..Now MBC 4 is showing more Turkish shows and all are amazing for me. Whats amazing about these shows that i can watch some of the series online and I can follow up news aboput these on mbc4 website.
Here the link if any one is interested to check these shows :)

" " . You can check Lahzet Wada3 ,very amazing show :)

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