Monday, May 12, 2008

All Saints Cathedral Refugee Program

The All Saints Cathedral in Zamalek (behind the Marriott hotel on 26th July Street) runs a multi-faceted Refugee program for Sudanese refugees primarily and some Iraqi refugees too as far as I know.

1. They accept donations of gently used clothes. Please make sure they aren't in bad condition. If you are leaving Cairo and don't have enough suitcase space or have clothes you or your children have outgrown. They willingly accept them. They work with refugees of all ages, so any clothes are welcome. They run a clinic for the refugees too, so medicines may be welcome too. Just check though.

2. They are often looking for volunteers to help teach English, computers and other skills to children and adult refugees.

3. They train refugee women for domestic service and the staff they recommend is normally very honest and trustworthy. They train the women/men in a housekeeping course before they send them to anyones home. They sometimes have gardeners and drivers too, but not all the time. There is a one time registration fee I believe, but Joseph (refer below) will explain everything to you when you meet him.

All Saints Church Refugee Rehabilitation program
The contact person is Joseph and his number is 010 200 4772.
He sits in an office on the church premises.

How to Get There
Are you familiar with Diwan book shop on 26th July street?
If you cross the road at Diwan and go under the flyover and across the main street and keep continuing down the short side street, you will arrive at the All Saints Cathedral directly in front of you at the dead end. The British School in Zamalek is located in the same compound. Hope this helps.


trailinggrouse said...

I tried to volunteer there once. You have to be qualified with experience in whatever it is you are looking to volunteer in. I had neither the qualifications nor sufficient experience so was of no use!

Kim said...

i guess they really don't have the time to train someone on the job and need someone to hit the ground running.

You can also try the other All Saints closer to Ramses station. they are also constantly on the look out for English techers.

St. Andrew's Refugee Ministry is looking for native or fluent English speakers to tutor adult refugee students.

This is an excellent opportunity to become involved in the refugee community and get to know students personally. It is a rich and rewarding way to spend your time.

Volunteers should be reliable and enthusiastic and willing to make a 2 hour per week commitment for at least 1 month. You can start immediately.

Please contact me directly with questions and details:

Abigail Sylvester
Director of Adult Education
St. Andrew's Refugee Ministry
38 26th July Street
Cairo, Egypt
+20 2 575 94 51

Jenny said...

I recommend visiting the gift shop at All Saints in Zamalek. I found that the crafts and artwork are really very nice.

I loved the adorable little girl dresses (I bought one for my niece). They have a large selection of embroidered tablecloths, bags that are painted by Sudanese refugees on site, jewelry, toys, scarves, etc.

The crafts are made by single moms, blind people, elderly, Sudanese refugees, and prisoners. So your purchase is going to a good cause.

Since it's so close to the Marriott, it's an easy place to direct family and friends to if they're staying in the hotel.

The craft shop is the smaller building to the left of the Cathedral.

Kim said...

I second that Jenny,

I love the craft shop at the Cathedral and shop there at least once a month and take my visitors there and to the Fair trade shop.

I'm surprised I haven't written a post about these shops yet. :) Thanks for reminding me.

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