Monday, May 05, 2008

Fuel Prices to rise ?

Saw this article on the Reuters site.

Essentially the article states "A booklet distributed by a parliamentary committee dominated by the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) said the price of 90 octane fuel would rise 35 percent to 1.75 Egyptian pounds ($0.33) a litre. The parliament is in session to debate the proposal"

If the cost of fuel does indeed rise, it will mean increase in costs of everything else and will accelerate inflation.

As of now, I'm adopting a wait and watch policy.


Positive Ignorant said...

AFAIK they already rose, that's another incentive to start cycling or practicing fitness walking, but be extra careful that you're a foreigner(if you look native then there shouldn't be a lot of problems).

The shopping list can always be adjusted if you want to keep spending within your budget, vegetables are still somewhat cheap; That's an incentive to start eating healthy. Some money management skills won't hurt as well.

Fuel is getting expensive everywhere, so it's not that strange for fuel prices to rise. Egypt is still a country in this world, it's not located on the moon.

One can always adapt by using public transportation or by walking, it's only an issue if you're living in a place like Al Rehab or the 5th Tagamo', and even if you do, you probably can afford paying the new prices for fuel anyway.

A natural gas cylinder can be a good investment, but I am not really a big fan of driving so I am not the one to ask about the cost/mile - you can google how stuff works for the NGV article..the folks there certainly know more than I do about that issue. NGV's are environmentally friendly.

As far as I know the natural gas that we use comes from Egypt - no money goes to the Saudis :D

Just make sure to know where the ladies passenger cars are when using the Metro and to always stay on your toes.

Higher fuel prices = less carbon emissions = a happy planet.

Every cloud has a silver lining, just stay positive and don't get caught up in the vicious cycle of whining that's found everywhere in this country. The comforts of socialism are gone, subsidies and rationing are a privilege..not a right. The government and the NDP don't have unlimited resources after all.

BTW, it's not the wrath of "God" like the Saudi-funded organizations like to claim, it's just a global situation.

Before being blinded by what others around you claim, question everything and know where you're heading. Egypt is a third world country and the generation that's speaking was a pampered one(nostalgia won't give you a couple of extra bucks), it's normal for us to see some hardship when it's a global situation and when we waste so many food(you don't believe me? check your trash can or your refrigerator).

There's more to life than fuel and milk cartons, rediscover your passions and try to make the best of what you currently have. It's not a good thing when you listen to organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood who want to overthrow the government and to force us to live in the 7th century, or to listen to those politically active priests(Sheikhs/Mullahs/Imams/Baba's/whatever-a-guy-who-memorized-some-ridiculous-myths-wants-to-call-himself(hey! isn't it sexist that no women get to be priests)).

Oh yea, and the Jews have nothing to do with it.

Anyway, sorry for the long reply. Please keep blogging about Egypt, your posts can be thoroughly enjoyed by some people who live in this country. Thanks!

P.S. This reply isn't directed to you in person, "you" here is addressed to anyone living in Egypt.

Kim said...

Some of your comments are really well thought out, so I don't know why you call yourself positively ignorant :)

I'm not complaining about the price rise. Because in my home country its about 9Le a litre. 2LE is still reasonable, for me at least.

I do understand that some people will be badly hit by the price rise. My comment on that will come as a new post some time soon. Wait for that. :)

Positive Ignorant said...

Thank you! I consider myself a positive person because I don't spend much time squandering my energy over topics that I can't really change. I am quite sure that if there had been a way out the NDP would have embraced it, the last thing a government wants is grumpy citizens.

Ignorant because I don't think that any person is educated enough to know everything, human knowledge is still very limited. However, that's something that one can try to change.

I don't think that a lot of people will be that affected, public transportation has become a bit more expensive, but people can still afford going wherever they want to if they spend some time planning their trips(some buses still charge the same fee and the tram still costs the same)

They can also try using one less transportation method on exceptionally long trips, walking that distance instead.

There always is a way out. Egyptians will survive if they stop whining and start thinking. However, most of them expect the government to solve everything with a magic wand. Everyone's waiting for a super hero to save her, and that hero in this case is the government. Anyone who had any work experience in this country or got to the gooey substance that's beneath the shell of hypocrisy knows where it got wrong.

Even the popular Egyptian movies show you the Egyptian dream; being an ordinary guy who makes a lot of money without any effort and marries a girl whom he manages to impress (Owkal(he suddenly becomes rich), Abo el 'araby(same thing), El Limby(he suddenly becomes rich after receiving money from the wedding guests), and all those grotesque movies).

Nothing comes easily, life's harsh, but our parents(I am < 20 yrs old) somehow don't want to admit it.

There are a lot of good things about Egypt - e.g. free horrible education (if you're determined enough you can be as good as a Harvard graduate even if you're an Ain Shams student).

Anyway, I will try to check your blog whenever I have some free time. Thanks again for that list of bookshops.

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