Wednesday, May 14, 2008

City of the Dead and Souk al Gumma (Friday Market)

Stop 1 on Friday morning was the Swiss Club Cairo

Stop 2 was the Korba Street Festival Heliopolis

Stop 3 was a quick halt on the bridge over the City of the Dead (an interesting concept, that I will cover once I actually manage to walk through that city) and where the Friday market takes place.

This Friday market as the name suggests is held once a week and is a place where you can find everything from genuine and "new antiques to used toothbrushes, animals and birds of many varieties, Toilet seats, car seats and many other things besides. Kinf of like the Chor Bazaar in Bombay.

Didn't have the big daddy with me, so contented myself with clicking pictures from above the bridge, hence all the following pictures are aerial views.

City of the Dead:

For more details on the "City of the Dead", you can also read el Moro's article in the Al Ahram

Souq al Gumma:


Noblese said...

Hi there,
I came by chance to your blog and loved it; the information, the pictures, .. etc.
I'll be coming to Egypt this summer and your blog is like a travel guide. I was wondering where this market is ...

Kim said...

Thanks Noblese,

The market borders the old part of the city. Very close to the Citadel. Ask anyone for the Souq al Gomma or Friday market. Its pretty well known in the city.

As the name suggests it only operates on Fridays and between 9/10am to a little after the noon prayer.

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