Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Electric / Electricity in Egypt

Electricity in Egypt is at 220, AC volts and 50 hz. Transformers may be needed for some electrical equipment. Type C round pin outlets are used, shown below. Universal outlets for 240 V or 110 V shavers are usually found in hotels. You may need an adapter for other appliances.

Sockets will be compatible with most European systems (C, E and F), however other systems will need an adapter.

Electric sockets are mostly the same as for Europe (220V/50Hz), outlets are two-prong European style but not grounded. If your device is compatible with the voltage, there are lots of plug adaptors and power bars available for US-style plugs.

Adaptors (so you can plug in US devices into Egyptian outlets) are available in many stores in Cairo for just 1 LE each. Check on Shara el-tahrir near Midan el-Tahrir if you don't see them elsewhere.

You might be better off buying a multipoint from home though. I am yet to find a multipoint that lasts me over a month, even when just the laptop and wifi transmitter are plugged in.

Could be the absence of grounding in the electrical connections here.


Darell said...

Kim - nice blog. I just started one and hope you don't mind I made a link in one one of my posts to your post on "Electric" from my newbie blog

Kim said...

Thanks Darrell,

I have also linked to your blog among my blogs about Egypt links.

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