Saturday, May 24, 2008

al-Resala NGO

Pursuant to the other charities that I previously recommended, All Saints Cathedral and St Andrews which also accepts donations of gently used items.

A friend wrote to me to bring al Resala which also works in a similar field to my notice.

al Resala is a well-known NGO that even has a chapter at AUC and other universities. They have big projects all over Egypt, they help orphans, widows, poor families, etc. They have a website in Arabic:

If you have anything to give away, just call them and they normally send a volunteer over within a week to come and take everything. They even give receipts for your donation. She found them well-organised and very professional, comparable to Good Will or the Salvation Army in the US.

They also have other ways you can donate, like sponsoring an orphan or poor family and donating a monthly amount (however much you want) to help a specific family, as well as other options.

If you want to donate anything, just call them at 19450, that's their central phone line, and they also have operators who can speak English as well.

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