Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Vodafone messes up

Had my international calling suddenly barred on my Vodafone mobile last Friday.

Since I don't speak enough Arabic to sort out/escalate the problem, my husband super-efficient secretary called them on my behalf.

Seems that, all the cells in the office are taken as a bundle package and in this bundle not more than 50% of them can have international roaming activated. Only in Egypt!

My international roaming is always active because of my travel schedules and last week a lot of my husbands company employees left on an International conference so they needed their International Roaming activated.

Since I wasn't traveling at the same time, the company approved that International Roaming be temporarily withdrawn from my cell number.

The geniuses at Vodafone withdrew my International Dialing instead of my international Roaming!

Only in Egypt!

Fortunately the Super Efficient Woman was able to make them see the error of their ways and within 15 minute of me telling her my problem, she got me my international Dialing restored and I was back in 'talk-2-mom' paradise :)

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