Monday, May 19, 2008

Fustat Wadi el Gamal

I just heard about this place today. It looks like an eco-lodge with a difference. A Real eco-lodge who takes their commitment to the environment seriously by:
1. hiring local bedouin experts
2. disposing sewage responsibly
3. selling camel dung to nearby farms and villages for eco friendly fertiliser.
4. they feed the camels corn and fuul from Cairo and pre-crack them so that they do not accidentally germinate and take root in the desert (not indigenous to the area)
5. they use simple camel drawn wagons for visitors who aren't comfortable sitting ON a camel.

The place is 850 kms away from Cairo, which means needing at least a 3 day holiday to even get a flavour of the place. 4-5 days would be better. Organising that leave is the problem :(

Read el Moro's article on the Fustat in Al Ahram, here. Its a bit outdated, but covers the basics.

For further details and pictures visit

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