Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Swiss Club Cairo - Mohandaseen

Surprisingly for me, I started last Friday bright and early. There was a long agenda that I wanted to accomplish. First on the list was the Bedouin Exhibition at the Swiss Club Cairo in Mohandaseen.

The exhibition was 2.5 tables full, with overpriced Bedouin cross stitch clothes and accessories (you can get them at half price at locations like Fair Trade Egypt and the like) But this trip was worth it, as I finally visited the gem called the "Swiss Club Cairo"

You can avail an annual family membership for 750LE or single membership for 500LE which gives you unlimited access to the club, discounted rates for hiring the grounds for a party and a few other things like a library and stuff.

If you aren't keen on an annual membership, you can just pay 10LE at the gate at every visit. You do not need a member to sign you in.

Why would you want to join:
Its vast garden is a green lung in the chaotic madness of Mohandaseen and Agouza.
There's a lovely children's play area with swings and tires and ropes and even a basic tree house.

Cars aren't allowed past the entry gate (there's plenty of parking in the outside compound) and so its safe to let the kids run around.
They have a decent restaurant which serves some varieties of Swiss German and some Egyptianised dishes.
Some alcohol is available for those lazy Friday afternoons when you want to sip beer and admire the 19th century villa on the premises.

Where is it Located:
Swiss Club Cairo
Villa Pax
90, El-Gihad Street,
Off Sudan Street,
Kit-Kat Squre
3314 2811, 3315 1455

Its normally open from 10am to 8pm. which gives you time to catch an evening walk but not really a morning walk. Members are a mix of Expats and locals. Membership makes sense for people with kids in Mohandaseen/Agouza who are looking for a safe green space for them to play

I loved the greenery, the sound of birds chirping (had almost forgotten what that sounded like), the ancient villa and the cute camel who was giving camel rides to the kids.


Aziza said...

Hey Kim, thanks for this info. I was just telling my SIL about the Swiss Club. I used to go there as a kid and have very fond memories of it. I learned to ride a bike there. I'm glad they have open membership now, they used to require you to be sponsored by a Swiss citizen in order to become a member way back when I used to go.

Kim said...

Anytime Aziza. Guess you may want to join up, if you move towards this part of town.

Hey, I didn't realise you had spent your childhood in Cairo. We must talk sometime soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. Can you suggest any decent accomodation or a hotel close to Swiss Club Cairo?Im not from Egypt and I need to go there early 2009 for a 3 days event...need a place to stay without the traffic hassle...

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