Sunday, May 18, 2008

Donations of old clothes etc.

This is a request from a friend who works with the St Andrews Refugee Program near the Ramses station.

Fiona writes:
I know quite a few of you will be leaving Egypt, or have friends who are doing so at the end of term. At St Andrew's we are always looking for donations of the things you will be leaving behind. We run an education programme for adult and child refugees and people are always desperate for clothes, cooking utensils and bed linen in particular.

Other things which you may not think about and just throw away, that the children in particular always want and your half full bottles of moisturisers, shower gel and shampoos as these are luxuries they don't often get to use. Also books are always useful.

If you have stuff that you are going to throw out, please bring it to us. We are here from Monday to Thursday and Saturday from nine in the morning to nine in the evening, in Midan Esa'af, right next to Nassr metro station (Galaa Street exit) (very handy for AUC!). I'm sorry we can't come and pick it up from you but we don't really have the facilities.

Thank you
Fiona Cameron
+2 02 2575 9451

P.S. Anything we can't use, we can sell and use the money for the programme

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