Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Teriyaki, Mohandaseen

Will the healthy food craze catch on in Cairo?

Read my review on Teriyaki, Mohandaseen


Leah said...

Kim, just wanted to say that I am loving your restaurant reviews! I'm looking forward to trying out some of these places :)

Kim said...

Thanks Leah :)

Aziza said...

Kim, I'm glad you had a good experience at the Mohandiseen branch, but I would definitely stay away from the one in Rehab.

My husband, sister, and I went there a couple of months ago and we were ... less than satisfied with the food. The food was very bland, luke-warm, and overcooked. We had different things, but those traits were shared by all of them. My soup bowl tasted like dish water. It was really unfortunate, because I was the one who pushed for us to have lunch there!

Kim said...


some friends who visited the mohandaseen branch a couple of weeks before us werent too happy with the food either.

We used large quantities of sauce. and I did mention on their comment card that they should carry a spicier sauce that wasn't as salty.

But our veggies were fresh and had a lot of flavour in themselves.

Maybe we got lucky because we had chicken and shrimp options which have a flavour of their own.

Or mabe they are just inconsistent?

Egyptian Papyrus said...

I like the picture actually very nice

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