Saturday, May 24, 2008

Plug Ins & Toys R Us in Cairo ?

Was driving on the ring road towards the J W Marriott yesterday. (which by the way is an astoundingly beautiful hotel property - especially its infinity pool and man-made beach. Yes a beach in Cairo!)

Saw an ad for Cairo Festival City in the place where it is supposed to come up and the hoardings announce PlugIns and Toys R Us among the openings. Hope its true. It will be great to be able to shop for great quality electronics at one location and a quick visit - single trip for gift shopping to all those kiddie parties I get invited to :)


(moey) infliktora said...

Wow! I just blogged about it too. If you can snap a photo it wold be great! Finally Egypt... FINALLY!

Kim said...

I've seen their boards at other places too. Like the Dandy Mall - Carre 4 on the Cairo Alex Desert Road.

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