Saturday, May 24, 2008

Donate your mobile phone to a refugee in need

Another worthy petition.

Hi all,
I work for Africa and Middle East Refugee Assistance (AMERA), an organization that provides legal aid and psychosocial services to refugees in Egypt. Many of our clients – especially the most vulnerable ones who are pregnant, in poor health, under physical threat, depressed, or suicidal – do not have telephones or mobile phones as reliable means of communication. In emergencies, they have no way to contact AMERA or other services to request help.

In coordination with Student Action for Refugees (STAR) at the American University in Cairo, we are collecting mobile phone donations to benefit vulnerable refugees living in Cairo.

So if you will be leaving Cairo after this semester, please consider donating your mobile phone for use by refugees.

1) The collection box at the AUC dormitory in Zamalek (located on 16 Muhammad Thaqib and Sikkit Salah al-Din). The dormitory is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. The drop box is by the reception desk and will remain there until June 7th.


2) Contact Tahmid Chowdhury at to make other arrangements.

Donations of just a phone, charger, or SIM card are great too. If you have any questions, please contact Tahmid Chowdhury at

Thanks very much!

Tahmid Chowdhury
Psychosocial worker
Africa & Middle East Refugee Assistance (AMERA)
1 Tawfik Diab Street
Garden City, Cairo

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