Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Cairo Marriott Crow

My attention was brought to this entertaining video on the Cairo Marriott Crow, created by a past guest at the hotel. He uses on scene footage and has created an interesting song around it :)

Take a look:


flyingtadpole said...

Thanks for featuring the Crow. I was touring in Egypt February 2009 and there's a lot more music will appear over the coming year, both humour and serious. On humour, yet to come on video is "He fell into a pyramid". More serous music is tending to centre around the Nile (the song "Night Passage--Esna Lock" is also up on youtube, same page.)

I can't seem to get composed anything serious worthy of the antiquities. I think its because the pyramids to Karnak to Abu Simbel to the Museum are so far beyond the hype and expectations, they're overwhelming.

Tim Fatchen

Kim said...

Hey Tim,

Thanks for stopping by.

Looking forward to more videos.

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