Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sounds that you find pleasant

While on the long drive to Maadi this evening, I was tuned in to 104.2 Nile FM.

Safi was jockeying the "Big Drive Home" He asked listeners to sms him about which sounds they found the most pleasant.

This set me thinking back to which sounds I find comforting and welcoming. This was a pleasant activity to distract me from not just the traffic, but also the pain of losing my grandma earlier this month.

My partial list is below:
1. Waves lapping on the sea/lake shore.
2.Excited yips and yelps from a dog happy to see you again.
3. The contented purring of a cat which runs like a low motor.
4. Chirping of birds.
5. Sounds of silence in the desert/Sinai plateau.
6. Roar of a waterfall, sound of a fountain.
7. The pitter patter or throbbing of rain (if and only if, I am dry and cosy indoors)
8. Beep of an oven timer indicating that the cake/roast is done.
9. Voices of the people I love.
10. An unreserved laugh or an uncontrolled giggle.

These never fail to bring a smile to my face. I'd love to hear your list to. Do comment.


Sara said...

We apparently tune into the same program at the same time!
I LOVE Safi!
Sorry about your grandmother...

Erin said...

OK, let's see favorite things?
- the sound of a 2 year old running through the house w/o socks or shoes on (ah, the pitter patter of little feet!)
- babies laughing
- a quiet morning w/ birds chirping
- the sound of a stream running
- Christmas music late Christmas Eve night when all kids are asleep

0carina said...

1. Voices of the loved ones.
2. Voices of kids.
3. Sincere laughter no matter how funny or wierd it sounds.
4. Purring of the cat.
5. Dry leaves on the ground when I step on them.
6. Breath of my better half ;)

Dipshikha said...

Its a nice thought process...some of the things I could come up with are:

- Heady mix of train chugging cutting through the wind
- A daughter calling out to her dad
- An apricot cracking
- Walking on dry leaves
- An infant gurgling

Anonymous said...

- The sound of someone opening the piano.
- The clinking of plates mixed with relaxed chatter towards the beginning of Thanksgiving dinner.
-A beautiful cacophany of birds flying, waves lapping and trees rustling that I hear every morning towards six or seven when I am at my father's place on the beach in Southern Spain. Nothing quite like it.
- The call to prayer.
- My boyfriends alarm going off. A horrible noise that reminds me what an unexpected surprise was waiting to appear in my life A new habitual sound I would miss terribly.
- The contented, relieved and satisfied sighs of my university students, in an otherwise silent classroom, towards the end of a difficult exam, when they know they've done well and can turn it in.
- The unexpected first chords to any old song I love and haven't heard in ages.
-Church bells in little villages in the early morning.
- The sound of the penitents from the Sevilla Holy Week midnight processions shuffling their feet in a crowded silent dark street.
- Fire crackling in the fireplace.
- The word goal being shouted at one of my youngest son's football games.
-Mail boxes opening.

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