Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bomb Blast in Khan el Khalili

Seems there was 1 or 2 bomb blasts in Khan el Khalili a couple of hours ago. This is an area that I frequent quite regularly. I've taken all my guests to this area for shopping and sight seeing and I visit it myself at least twice or thrice a month. I was right here 2 nights ago on Friday evening.

After the blasts in Bombay and attacks on women in my home town this is another incident which is so close to me and makes me question the world that I live in.

The people who carry out these attacks anywhere in the world are cowards. They attack those who are unprepared/unaware and in most cases, completely innocent.

Reports on various channels are conflicting. Here are links to some of them in random order:
Al Jazeera
Sky News
Yahoo News
Googe News

I hope you, your family and your friends are ok. Stay safe and pray for sanity in our world, so we may leave a safer world for the next generation.


mistika said...

I got so upset when I read a disgrace they are not hurting the westerns they are hurting their people...although I am not egyptian my family is and it makes me go in rage when they do this events in my homeland of Colombia they do it all the time...I am sorry I got carry away.

Bastawisi said...

the world is divided on fighting terrorism and divided people never win the battle.

0carina said...

Christ, these people never seem to have enough of violence and imbecility.

Mo said...

I agree, cowards who did that!
now i can't go Azhar area for a while, just till memories of blood fades away.
God Bless Egypt and the souls of those who suffered from the attack!

belle said...

I went back up to the souq on Wednesday night and while it was quiet, there were still some shoppers around...and seats free at Fishawi. There is a stronger police presence as well. So I say support those in the market, as they're looking at the loss of their livelihoods. What else can you do? Avoid such places? Keep changing your life until it is not your life anymore?

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