Sunday, February 15, 2009

STAR refugee craft bazaar- on till the 18th

Sorry for disappearing suddenly. I just lost my grandmother - an absolutely wonderful woman - I went back home for the funeral and haven't felt up to writing very much since it happened.

I did get out of the house yesterday to meet some friends in Zamalek and decided to stop by the STAR refugee craft bazaar.

The bazaar is being organised by the STudent Action for Refugees and AUC at the Reida Gallery (opp AUC Tahrir campus, 31 Mohammed Mahmoud St., next to Cilantro) Reida gallery is on the 7th floor, so take the lift to the 6th.

The number of stalls this time is extremely limited compared to the last 2 years at the refugee bazaars in AUC and All Saints Cathedral.

There is a stall from Tukul Crafts and a few others selling some bracelets and jewelry and clothes. Total of about 8 tables.

There is Ethiopian coffee being served daily for 2LE and Ethiopian food on Saturday and Sunday.

The bazaar is on until the 18th if you want to pop in for a look.


vagabondblogger said...

My condolences - losing a near and dear loved one is always difficult.

Roqaya said...

I'm sorry for your loss

Kim said...

Thank you

Max mickle said...

Hey that was an interesting read. You must have had a great event. Thanks a lot for sharing your post.

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