Friday, April 18, 2008

"Remember Africa" - Charity Bazaar

Attended the "Remember Africa" - Charity Bazaar at the All Saints Cathedral today.

The main purpose of this bazaar was for Refuge Egypt to raise awareness of the plight of refugees in Egypt.

Speakers throughout the day, introduced the work done by Refuge Egypt and presented ways everyone could help.

There was some delicious Ethiopian food and contrarily enough - Polish sausages :)

But, the event wasn't as well attended as last year. Last years event was held at the AUC and there were tons of students attending, even though it was on a Friday. This times turn out was quite dismal compared to that.

The number of stalls was consistent. Some refugees selling spices, their own artwork and woven baskets. What was really remarkable were the short entertainment pieces by the refugees and the refugee children.

It is disheartening,that most Cairenes and Cairo's temporary residents are unaware of the plight of these refugees. A problem of legitimate organisations like Refuge Egypt is contacting more people who can help them carry on their good work.

Over the past 20 years, Refuge Egypt has sought to assist and minister to the ever fluctuating refugee population through Medical Care; Emergency Assistance; Self-Reliance; Advocacy Education & Spiritual Ministries. It has been their emphasis to sustain and support refugees in the first 2 vulnerable and critical years of their arrival in Egypt. Overall they have recognized that women and children (often the ones who suffer the most) have been impacted significantly. Giving from the community has enabled this target group of individuals to have access to better healthcare and nutrition; reduced maternal mortality rate; better health awareness on HIV, TB, immunization and child feeding habits; improved income and ability to work and engage in small trade; group healing and unity.

To learn more about Refuge Egypt and its projects and how you can help, visit

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