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How to dial a number for Egypt

The Country code for Egypt is +20 (or 0020) if you are dialing from outside Egypt. Affix this before the rest of the Number.

How to dial the rest of the Number?

Jack puts it very well when he says:

There are 2 things to remember/realize

1. your mobile number is prefixed with a 2 digit "city code" or "area code" plus a "0" that indicates a "long distance" number

The ones I know of are 010, 012 and 016

If you are from the US, think of this as your area code.
If you are from elsewhere in the world, think of it as your city code.

Coming to dialing a landline number in Cairo from your mobile phone :

No matter what your mobile phone number is, if you are calling a land line, you need to tell it what city you are calling to.

So, the "city" code for Cairo is "2".
You need to dial ZERO first, to indicate a "long distance" or outside your "city", then the city code.

So to dial a landline in Cairo you dial


If you wanted to call a number in Alex, which has a city code of "3"
you would dial:


2. The 2nd thing to remember is that recently (6 months ago?) the government added a new number to the FRONT of land lines in the Cairo area.
Phones in some parts of the city , a 2 was added. In some parts, a 3.

So in Zamalek, Mohandaseen, Agouza, Dokki (and I think downtown) a phone number that used to be
is now

So, if the number you have for the bus station (or anybody else in Cairo) has only 7 digits, you need to prefix it with either a "2" or a "3"

FURTHERMORE, if you are dialing from a mobile, you need to prefix the city code "02"

So to call the fictional number I mentioned earlier.

you need to prefix the new 2

and then the city code.

So the full dialing instructions from an (Egyptian) mobile phone would be
02 2 735-1234

Basel adds :
Egypt International code: from USA or Canada 011 then 0020 from rest of the world 0020 except Bahrain (maybe they have changed it not sure) just one zero i.e., 020

Greater Cairo City (Cairo + Giza + Qalyoubeyyah) code 02 and Alexandria City code is 03 ... etc

Mobiles codes Vodafone 010 and 016, MobiNil 012, and Etisalat 011

It is a coincidence that Egypt international code is +20, i.e., zero at the end so a whole number in Cairo would be +20-2-87654321 by eliminating the zero before the city OR mobile code and adding the international code



From abroad: +20-3-34567890 (from mobile or landline)
From Cairo: 03-34567890 (from mobile or landline)
From Alexandria: just the 8 numbers of the person u r calling, i.e., 34567890 (from landline)
From Alexandria: 03-34567890 (from mobile)

To call a mobile number:

From Cairo to Vodafone number: 010 or 016-7654321
From abroad: +20-10-7654321

Exception Exception exception exception exception
for the numbers of the "Smart Network" like 19519 Pizza Plus or 19991 McDonald or 16516 Cairo Yellow Cab (Taxi), you just dial the number no matter where you are in Egypt or what mobile operator you are using, just dial the five digits and you will be connected to the nearest office or branch.

HOWEVER, sometimes when you use your mobiles, and if the service is for Cairo only, you dial 02-19019 from your mobile.


burf said...

thanks, i needed this info

Kim said...

u r welcome

Anonymous said...

Above explanations are useful, but still a bit confusing about attaching or not attaching 0because a realistic example is not given. Following is for a resident in the USA:
To call Cairo from USA. Let the Cairo numbers be (landline) 24271169 & (mobile) 0125344052. Note that the landline is 8 digits & the Mobil number has 012 identifying a particular mobile company. Dial as follows from the United States:
011 20 2 24271169 for landline

011 20 12 5344052 for mobile
Notice carefully how the first 0 of mobile number is eaten up by country code 20.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to call and text someone in luxor but evrytime i try theres an error on the phone please could you help!!!!

ya zowel said...

But how do you call an Egyptian mobile from an Egyptian landline?

Kim said...

For that the Egyptian landline phone needs to be enabled to make calls to mobiles. Most new offices, get the mobile dialling facility. But if you stay in a rented apartment and the phone cannot dial mobiles, you have to convince your landlord/landlady to visit the phone dept and complete the necesarry paperwork and pay the necesarry deposit to enable this feature.

Diána said...

can you help me regarding the following mobilenumber? Which company it is belongs to? 0020176128273?
It would be extremly important to find out the owner of this number because they have stolen my phone!!!!thx

Ali Karabulut said...

Thanks for all the above information. But I still in need of your help; not that I didn't understand, I'm confused.

I MET an Egyptian friend in Turkey, he gave me his number which is +20114000XXX . When I call this number someone (not my friend) answers but he doesn't speak English. It's all in Arabic and sadly I cannot understand. :(

What is this number? Is this a mobile phone number and which company; or is this a landline number? And would someone please set the numbers apart after 20 (Egypt)? I would be very much appreciated.

Thank you and Ramadan Karim

Kim said...

Its a mobile no & looks ok. But he may have given you a wrong number or his number may have changed.

Anonymous said...

The information provided has been very helpful. Could some one let me know if the following number I have been provided is valid 20100075500? I was told it is a mobile number I try to call it from US dialing 01120100075500 but I can not get connected.

Kim said...

From the US, call 0020100075500

Anonymous said...

i have a friend in cairo who has a local landline number with only 4 digits with a 2 in front, ie. 2XXXX.

How do i call this number from abroad? i've tried all combinations


hope you can help me on this.

many thanks.


Kim said...

Its an incomplete number

Anonymous said...

how do i load funds or call to this number from u.s. this number is located in Hurghada egypt carrier etisalat the number is 01454xxxxx
i know the dial should be 011+20 65 xxxxxxxxxx but it don't work

Anonymous said...

PLEASE HELP me. I have been trying to reach my spouse for a week to the new mobile phone number. It has the 0150 code (mobinil) so basically it looks like this: 011200150xxxxxxx

011 - is the code to call from USA to anywhere out of it.

20- is the country code for egypt

0150- is the new mobinil phone code

and the xxxxxx signify my spouse number.

I tried so many different combinations and none of them get me through to him. He has called me to my cellphone before, but when I try myself it wont let me through. I think I may be putting too many numbers.

Can someone show me exactly how to dial the whole set of numbers. THANK YOU.

touch-hearted-foreigner:) said...

hey,i just randomly searching the internet on how to dial landline number in egypt after dialing like crazy and never worked and somehow your info is so handy that im feeling so touched.hehe~

Kim said...

Happy to Help :)

Anonymous said...

I met someone while on Holiday in Egypt and he gave me his mobile number.
He gave me it: 0020109724515.
I am slightly confused though whether it has the dialling code on it or not?
Please help me out! I cant ring him until I know!!!

Mamduh Schauki said...

to the anonymous person asking about 0020109724515.

if you're calling the number from anywhere in the world other than North America, it's dialed in the format above, which i can explain to you:

00 (intl dial prefix)
20 (Egypt)
10 (Vodafone Egypt mobile operator code)
972-4515 (your friend's number), so this sums up to 00-20-10-972-4515

Now if you're dialing the number from the US you just change the intl dialing prefix from 00 to 011, and now the number would look like this:

Hope this answered your question.

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