Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Story of Egypt's Jews: Rich, complex, not yet over

Heather forwarded me this link and I hadn't read it before. Its quite an interesting article even though it is almost 5 years old .

Its from the Historical Society of Jews from Egypt site.

I can't vouch for the lack of bias in the article, but its pretty interesting all the same.

Below are a couple of excerpts.

....... The Haroun sisters still count among their close friends the Muslims and Christians with whom they went to school as girls, and each grew up to marry Muslims. But much has changed in a generation, says Nadia Haroun. Her daughter was ostracized when she revealed to schoolmates that her mother was Jewish......

.....If there were supporters of Israel, there were also Jews like Chehata Haroun. The father of lawyers Nadia and Magda counted himself an Egyptian, not a Jewish, nationalist.....

Read the entire article at the Historical Society of Jews from Egypt site.


Forsoothsayer said...

http://egy.com/judaica/ this is informative as well.
btw, can you tell the lonely planet people that it would be cool if they included information from an actual egyptian person? just a couple.

Kim said...

I wish!!!!

I have no influence with them whatsoever.

When i did try to write them about technical inaccuracies in their India (my home country) guidebook a couple of times - I never even received an acknowledgment.

I no longer am a fan of the Lonely Planet series. I think the DK eyewitness guides are much better VFM and are worthwhile keeping as souvenirs long after your trip is over.

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