Saturday, April 19, 2008

Holiday in Europe

Being this close to Europe, I've been evaluating several options to travel there. Its difficult to get the visas and find the time to visit, but this doesn't stop me from daydreaming and checking sites online and planning the trip in my head. :)

Europe is full of some really interesting cities and each one has its own charm. The top of my list of European cities/areas to visit are:
Tuscany / Florence for their wonderful Renaissance buildings, art and culinary trails.

Rome for its Colosseum, Catacombs, Circus Maximus, Roman baths and the Pyramid of Cestius.

Barcelona to visit Gaudi's masterpiece - the Sagrada Familia Church and other Romanesque buildings and art museums.

Madrid for a quick feel of Spanish Culture.

Paris for its Champs-Elysses, The Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe and of course the Eiffel Tower

Scotland for its wonderful old castles.

Dublin for its nightlife and a bit of Irish luck and to try my luck at finding a Leprechauns pot of Gold :)

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