Saturday, April 12, 2008

1 month free for TE Data customers

A friend of mine on another group sent me this information. I had also read it in the Business Today, Egypt or the Business Monthly.

Just wanted to let everyone here who has TE Data (not sure about other companies, but you can always ask) if you were subscribed during the Internet cut in Jan/Feb., then you can call up TE Data's customer service at 19777 and they'll give you a free month. I just found this out since I needed to find something on their website, where it was advertised. It took about one minute for the customer service guy to add my extra month, so free is always good.


Rose is correct that everyone who subscribed during that period will receive a free month (excluding any fee you pay for renting a router, etc.). In my experience, I didn't have to make a special call to receive the free month. When I called to schedule for bill collection, as I do every month, they informed me that the month would be free, other than my router rental and collection fees. Also, many of you may be happy to know, if you do not already, that TE Data has just reduced their rates. They also did this automatically and told me so when I called to schedule bill collection. The cost of my connection was reduced by about 25%, but I don't know if this is the same for all packages. Thank you to Rose for pointing out the free month.


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