Saturday, April 26, 2008

Juhayna Milk Tetrapack tops

Does anyone know what is up with Juhayna and their milk tetrapacks ?

They seem to have changed the design at least 5 times in as many months.

First was the plain plastic flip top with an additional foil+plastic seal inside that could be torn away. That wasn't extremely convenient but it was usable.

Then they switched to the red screw top extruding caps which were very convenient to open and pour.

Then they added a plastic+foil seal on the inside, which was redundant as the red top itself could act as a seal., but it was still manageable.

Then they added a white plastic ring to the plastic+foil seal. The first version of it was easier to pull out then just the plain old plastic+foil seal, but then it started getting tougher & I needed to use a scissors to break that seal.

Now they have gone back to a design similar to the initial flip top plastic seal but with rubber. This is the worst design -ergonomically- of the lot. Its tougher to open (requires more strength and a scissors at times) There is no plastic+foil seal so if you jerk the top open too hard, you have spillage. And the worst problem is that these rubber flip tops don't close tightly once they are opened. So if you consume a small amount of milk over a couple of days, the risk of the milk going bad or absorbing refrigerator odors is very high.

I wish they would just go back to the red screw tops. They were the most convenient of their designs.


Anonymous said...

hello kim, just opened your blog from the link in your post in the group, i agree with you about the juhayna packs! my husband is working there and i will show your post to him tonight, and let you know why they do such changes :)


Kim said...

Thanks Nazli,
I didnt realise your husband was working with Juhayna. I love their milk and juices and am a regular consumer :) But these milk covers are driving me nuts :)

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