Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Travel from Cairo to Dahab

We have always driven, but for those who don't have personal vehicles or don't want to drive the 6-8 hour stretch:

Friends say that its better to take the big bus as compared to the minibuses as they are much more comfortable. Seven hours in a minibus is not fun, especially as it can get crowded and you could be tightly cramped with the other passengers. The big bus is comfortable and only about five or ten pounds more than the minibus so it's well worth it.

Dario says : "Camps and hotels in Dahab arrange private microbuses from Cairo and back. I have just been there last weekend and got Bishbishi Camp microbus which came and picked me up from Dokki where I live; these microbuses pass from Taba and take just 7h. You can call the camp or any other hotel to arrange your trip, and you are not supposed to be a client of the camp to use this service by the way. Bishbishi phone numbers should be 069 3640727 - 010 5488708."

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Cristina said...

We will have our first car drive to Dahab next weekend. Do you have any advise about the best route (through Sharm or St Catherine) or any other thing ?

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