Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Homeopathy in Cairo

I was looking for a Homeopathy dispensary and got varied answers from my friends.

1. I heard about this place recently and saw that they do homeopathic medicine. It's in Medinet Nasr, which I know its a bit far from you, but you could try calling them and they might know of somewhere nearer.

2. There is Dr. Magda El-Mahgary, based in Maadi, who does make homeopathic remedies.
From her you can buy homeopathic remedies, and she also has a list of all natural medicines available from Egyptian pharmacies.

3. The official homeopathy website for Egypt is
Mind that strictly speaking, homeopathy is illegal in Egypt as it is not yet accepted officially as a branch of medicine. But the local homeopathy society is in the making and alive and kicking in practice. They more or less regularly offer introductory and advanced courses

Kims Note: The actual practitioners are listed here and here

4. This information may be out-of-date
Dr. Magda prepares the remedies herself and sells them together with all kinds of macrobiotic food in her own shop in Heliopolis.
One remedy costs 25 LE. She also offer one day classes for 300 LE/person about homoepathic treatment.
Her shop is called Medina an-nawara and is located in 30 Shibin street, off Iman Ali between Salah eh Din and Ismailaya Square.
The shop is open on Tuesdays from 11.30am until 3pm. Or you can call her secretary Miss Reda on 6441479


Abdul Hayy said...

Dear Kim,
Thank you for your mention of homeopathy. Actually the Egyptian Scientific Society for Homeopathy now has its own site and activities at
There is still a list of practitioners and announcements about their activities.
I hosted the society for some years but I am actually running the H2RC2 site and do the professional training courses.
Thank you.
Abdul Hayy Holdijk

Dr. Nancy Malik said...

Homeopathy cures where Conventional Allopathic Medicine (CAM) fails

Kim said...

I agree Nancy. I am a huge believer in homeopathy. My mum is a practitioner.

Thanks for the link Abdul

hulya said...

where can i find any practitioner in alex? i tried to email several but i guess it's preferable to call bcoz i know many of them are busy and i need sort of a number if anyone has any homeopathic pharmacy number it would be very helpful thanx! any address or number in alexandria it would be cool to have but even in cairo i might order medicine from i guess homeopathic pharmacy trough my pharmasist or at leas to try to!peace

B. said...

Homeopathy is my only hope. I've lost faith in so called conventional medicine. Sick of doctors telling me there is nothing wrong with me.
And being my only hope worries me more I might not find my remedy down that road. If I don't, I don't know.

Dr. Nancy said...

Homeopathy: Micro Doses Mega Results

amenah said...

Just read your request about homeopathy in Alex. I am an homeopath in Alex You can contact me on I was a student from AbdulHayy(see reaction above).

May AbdelRazik said...

The society's published list of homeopaths is a bit outdated, it is better to contact the society and ask for an updated list or ask for a recommendation.

Also since Homeopathy is not Legal in Egypt try to check with the society first before visiting a homeopath. You are much better off with a homeopath that is a member of the Egyptian Society than just anyone claiming to be a homeopath.

May AbdelRazik

Dr. Nancy Malik said...

The fundamental pillars of Homeopathy are: -
1. Law of similar (1796): Like cures like
2. Law of minimum dose (1801): Less is More
3. Law of simplex (1810): One single similar medicine for the patient
4. The theory of miasms (1829)
5. Doctrine of Vital Force (1833)
6. Potentisation/dynamisation (1833)
7. Hering’s law of five directions of cure (1845):
8. Diet & Regimen

Anonymous said...

Dr. Magda's shop is now open all week days from 11.30am until 3pm.
The remedies now costs 50 LE.

She is also looking for an Apprentice to work with her in the shop.
To Contact her call her on 01007505025

Salman Cheema said...

Dr. Magda's shop is now open all week days from 11.30am until 3pm.
The remedies now costs 50 LE.

She is also looking for an Apprentice to work with her in the shop.
To Contact her call her on 01007505025

superisi said...

I am looking for a homeopath doctor in anxiety disorder retreatment. do you know any successful homeopaths on this branch?
Can dr. Magda help me on getting rid of my panic attacks?
thank you for your reply.

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