Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Vet Recommendation

I go to a vet in 6th of October for my cat. Its a set of 3 doctors who take it in turns to (wo)man the clinic. Dr Rania is the female doc and she performs all the surgeries.

I'm very happy with them. I got this cat when she was a little older - 3 years old. She has done dental surgery on my cat as well as her spaying. She's very clean and neat with minimal invasion.

You can always call ahead and get an appointment.

Its called "Vets in Practice". The number is 3837 8336 at the 6th October City branch and 2516 4428 at the Maadi branch.

While the clinic is in 6th October City, I live in Mohandaseen. I still feel its worth the travel time because I'm really comfortable with these doctors.

They have a facility for boarding cats. They are comfortable cages and they are let out for an hour or so daily. I don't mind this when my cat needs medical attention - because they are very conscientious about it. But if its for a longer period of boarding - when I'm traveling, I prefer to leave her with a friend so she has full freedom to walk around.


vagabondblogger said...

When we first came here we used a vet in New Maadi. He seemed nice and actually came to our house when our dog was dying - we think she had a stroke, and passed away as he was on his way. She was 13.5 years. That was last summer.

We just (late January) brought a puppy back with us, and she needed to be spayed this past month (March). I called the vet, he was out of town, but his assistant told us they needed to keep her overnight. Something I didn't take to very well, as they don't do that in the States. So I visited the clinic of Adel Amer (recommended by a friend) at Rd 199-6G Digla, Maadi (behind Road 200). His clinic is incredibly clean, and everyone who works for him is a vet, and they are all fluent in English. He practiced in the States for 30 years, and his daughters still live there. We have been very pleased with him. We took our pup in at 9:30 AM and picked her up at 2:30PM (she was totally out of it, but back in our arms again). He also repaired a herniated umbilical cord (screwed up in the States). In addition, they provided me with a contact for dog training (private training lessons!) Everyone is friendly and so very helpful. And, the training has been going well too.

His number is: (02) 7544267, and his clinic is called, "Advance Care Vet Clinic." I recommend him highly. Again, in Maadi, Digla.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vagabondblogger,

I would think twice about bringing your pet to the Advance Care Vet clinic, I brought my dog there with ticks and they did not even touch the dog (a very small malteser). They also criticized me for having the dog inside the appartment if it has ticks (they seemed to think that it was disgusting). Meanwhile I do not have a garden so I'm not sure if they were suggesting I leave my dog tied to a post somewhere on the street. It was actually the owner that I was talking to. I ended up just buying some revolution (like frontline), which was very pricy. I afterwards found out the price I paid was double what other vets charge. I think the Advance Care Vet Clinic is more of a profit raking business rather than a compassionate vet clinic. I recommend Dr. Amir Michail in Maadi, he loves animals and is always willing to help.

Anonymous said...

I read the following at The Croc Guide, November issue; They are Advising everyone not to leave their pets at "My Pet Clinic" Maadi behind Smokey's Restaurant as they mistreat them and obviously physically abuse them.. According to one of the readers' experience, he left his dog there for a weekend to come back and find him with a dislocated shoulder (which the clinic denied) the second and last time he found him with a hip sprained that needed an x-ray and a course of medication.

Kim said...

I remember reading that article too.

Anonymous said...

I can not recommend at all to go to Maadi Advanced Vet Clinic either. It is indeed clean and they speak English. Thats about it for the pro's.
They nearly killed my little kitten, when he had a simple eye infection and injected an antibiotic combination including Streptomycin. Streptomycin works like a neuro toxin for the cats and is therefore strictly forbidden for cats in Europe. As the emergancy docotr from Advanced Vet clinic refused to see my cat during the night Doctor Abd El Hay (address published in Oasis magazin) saved it in the last seconds. I can not describe how much he had to suffer. My firends cat had a ringworm - typical fungus infection which needs to be treated the sooner the better. Advanced pet clinic suggested the cat burned itself... It was very easy to diagnose - even I as an Engineer could. As well a good Doctor in Maadi is Dr. Hesham Nile Vet Clinic +202 2519 9849.

Kim said...

Thanks everyone for the extra information.

Those who are posting as anonymous, could you please leave a name? no need for your google id or email id. just a name, so it feels like the information is coming from a real person rather than someone anonymous :)

Suzanne said...

I was glad to read your comments about Advance care vet clinic as we recently moved from the States and we have a little Maltese. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good dog groomer? In the States, I had to go through 3 groomers before finding the one I was happiest with and here it just seems almost impossible? I'm seriously considering learning how to do it myself but in the meantime I need to find a good one. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Kim said...

I dont think any pet groomers exist in Maadi. At least not one who does anything commercially.

I can imagine that a maltese would require more grooming than most pets. Maybe this is the time to refer to wikihow.com :)

on a serious note, I havent even seen anyone advertise such a service. Some vet clinics or pet shelters will bathe the animal for you if you leave them at the location when you are on vacation, but its not the same as the professional grooming services in the States/Canada.

If you do find someone who offers this service, please drop a comment and contact details of the service to help others who may be looking for the service.

and in the mean time, I will keep my eyes open :)

Ms Four said...

Kim, have you found any consensus on this issue? We're getting a new pup next week. We always used Dr. Farouk for our other animals (now dead, though that's not Dr. Farouk's fault!). He was really helpful with my rescue pup, and he came to our house when my pup had to be euthanized. But I'm wondering if folks like others better?

Dr. Farouk's website is here: http://faroukbahgat.com/

Rania Kashif said...

Dear Kim,
Im Dr Rania Who did the spaying for your cat and im thanking you so much about the nice recommend you said about my clinic but i would like to correct something that my clinic called vets in practice vet clinics and it has 2 branches one in 6th of october(0109008736-0238378336) city and the other branch is in maadi(0106205694-0225164428) .

Best Regards
DR Rania Kashif

dr.sameh hamdy said...

hello all.
I don't know if my reply will sound kind of late or not. but i wanted to add some information.
i have been working in Advance care vet clinic for 3 years before i moving to dubai from 1 year working in one of the german clinics in dubai. i did meet alot of veterinarians in egypt and did visit alot of clinics. i want to assure you that this clinic (ACVC) is one of the best clinics in egypt. no one can compare an experience of a 35 years with anyone else in egypt. no way. to prove my self as a veterinarian in a new country specially dubai where everyone is an expat here and all clinics are from europe and states made me believe that i had my basics from the right person and that working in advance care vet clinic was the great assit for me in my carrier.

regarding the owner who was not happy from the behaviour regarding her dog infested with ticks. if you are not disgusted your self from the ticks so u brought your dog to the vet so do you expect the vet to be happy to see your dogs covered by ticks ? i dont know whats your point ? you want them to collect each tick and keep it for the pleasure of being a professional veterinarian ? your dog is filled with ticks and should not stay home unless you clean your house first. 3 steps to treat ticks. 1. clean place where dog lives. ( if you clean it then u have to call a special company where your dog can not stay home otherwise he would be intoxicated from the chemicals they use. 2 clean your dog with special treatment for ticks. either front line ( by the way advance care clinic never work with frontline because its not approved to be in egypt) or ivermectin injection which is not always recommended as its nephrotixic and some vets give a bath dip of amitraz which is also toxic. 3. protect your pet from future infestation by ticks. give a bath once a month and if u walk him alot then make it every 3 weeks. and try to find the tick removal forceps from any petshop.

Regarding the Streptomycin injection. i hope you talk about all the details regarding this injection because i am not totally sure that we give systemic antibiotics when we have eye problems. so please give me more feed back about it.

dr. Sameh Hamdy

Anonymous said...

I also cannot recommend Advanced Care Vet Clinic. We took our cats there for vaccinations in preparation to leave Egypt and I thought they handled them very roughly. One of our cats was very, very ill afterwards. Whilst we were there, we witnessed 3 cats being squashed into a tiny cat carrier - not even suitable for one cat - yet they put a lid on left them in there! I was so horrifed, I made a comment about it, but they said they were fine - which they absolutely were not! Two days later, we had to leave Cairo and lodged our cats with the International Vet Hospital near Carrefour. Unfortunately, and to our dismay, they had to stay there for 2 months before being sent onto us. When they finally arrived with us, we were appalled at their condition. Not only were they absolutely filthy dirty, they were so thin, we could see their hip bones. How on earth could they be so dirty when they were supposed to be inside!!! I am so upset at the way some of these vets in Maadi treat animals - it is absolutely disgusting. Thank goodness we are lucky enough to be away from them now.

Simple said...

I totally recommend Dr. Ahmed Hesham El Nabarawy; he is a very good vet with a great reputation. He takes a good care of my cats, and there is nothing he cannot do!

His clinic location:
42 Adan Street - Off shehab Street - Next to El Safa medical tower - Mohandessen, Cairo, Egypt
Tel: 37626883 / 0106344025

See for yourself his patients' owners comments on his facebook group and page:



Dominika Wlinska said...

My husband, Dr Mohamed Shahata, is a great vet surgeon and owner of I-Vet Clinic in Maadi. I-Vet clinic has an excellent reputation and we have a discount for treating stray animals.

The clinic is on Road 219, Building 22B, Apartment 2

We are open Mon-Thurs and Sat. 11-6pm
01006895894, 0225211452 or 0100883766(Rami, our vet tech.)


Check our fb for details:

Dominika :)

Dominika Wlinska said...

An update to my previous comment:

My husband, Dr Mohamed Shehata, is a great vet surgeon and owner of I-VET CLINIC in New Maadi.
I-VET CLINIC has an excellent reputation and we have a discount for treating stray animals.

The clinic has moved to:
Road 258, Building 1, Garden entrance
(It's at the end of Road 276 where the FUDDRUCKERS Restaurant; opposite RED ONION)

We are open Mon-Thurs and Sat. 11am-6pm
01006895894, 0227538802 or 0100883766(Rami,our vet tech.)


Check our fb for details:

Dominika :)

PS Thank you to the owner of an adorable, rescued dog Cobi (AK Foxi)for reminding me about updating this post.

Dusk said...

I came across your blog by chance when I googled "best vets in Egypt".
Let me say that I too used to recommend dr Nabrawy to everyone. I too used to believe there was nothing he couldn't do. He was the only one that could treat our dogs stomach problems last year. Our dog suffered for a month until we found dr Nabrawy who treated him in week!
Then this year our beloved dog got really sick and had a long seizure. Dr Nabrawy said he must be admitted into his hospital in Mohandeseen. We used to go there every now and then with minor concerns and never really seen anything except the office. Every visit our dog came home with a flea but that wasn't a big problem or a deal breaker.
So we went. I and my husband and our almost dead dog. The vet himself wasn't there. There were two workers whom the vet called and gave instructions. They placed our dog on a table and started the fluids. The table marble was freezing cold but they ignored it when we mentioned it. My husband brought a blanket from the car and placed it under the dog.
Let me say that our dog is a super clean dog that lives with us in the house and sleeps in our sons bed. I told them that and told them to take very good care of him. A couple of days later we were told he was ok and moving. We went there and yes he was alive and moving but SHOCKINGLY DIRTY!! He was covered in his own faeces, skin infection, eye infection AND an incredible amount of lice!!! When we asked the vet if they were going to clean him before he comes home he smiled and said "yes of course you can pay us and we will clean him or u can do it yourself"!!!!!
We took him home and everything with the vet went down hill. We never knew about the changes that would happen - and still happen to dogs after seizures. Everyday something would happen. When we called the vet he would sound irritated every time. He never gave definite answers. And would always say " if you're too worried why not being him to the hospital for a few more days and well supervise him for u". I was online all the time trying to find answers (and did find them thank god) because the vet just wasn't going to care enough to tell me what to do or what to expect.
We were told nothing. We were sent home dealing with a new thing everyday ourselves. Our poor dog needed a lot of cleaning (many showers) and we had to clean off the lice ourselves because we couldnt apply chemicals. It was just a big mess. We are never going back to Dr Nabrawys clinic and we have totally stopped recommending him to people. I hope no one goes through what our dog and us went through.

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