Monday, April 21, 2008

Noise Levels in Cairo

From the International Herald Tribune.

Salesmen shout in Cairo, where the noise is like living with a running lawn mower next to you. (Shawn Baldwin for The New York Times)

As Cairo gets louder and louder, many simply turn a deaf ear.

. . .Noise - outrageous, unceasing, pounding noise - is the unnerving backdrop to a tense time in Egypt. . .

. . .We're not just talking typical city noise, but what scientists here say is more like living inside a factory.
"It's not enough to make you crazy, but it is very tiring," . . .

. . .Noise at the levels commonly found in Cairo physically affects the body. It can cause elevated blood pressure and other stress-related diseases. It can interfere with sleep, which almost always makes people more irritable. "People need a chance to sleep, to have a chance to think, in quiet," said Dr. Nagat Amer, a physician and researcher with the national center. . .

. . .In general terms, the noise is a symptom of an increasingly unmanageable city, crowded far beyond its original capacity, officials at the National Research Center said. The main culprit is the two million cars, and drivers who jam the city roads every day. . .

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