Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rehab City

Visited Rehab City on Sunday. Another first time visit for me in Cairo after Katameya Heights

It was an amazing day as I managed to meet up with 2 really great friends and we had a non-stop gab fest from 2pm to 10pm, jabbering away to glory. So engrossed, that I forgot to take any pictures. My friend who lives in Rehab City has a beautiful home that is tastefully decorated with select pieces from all her world travels. 2 amazing puppies (full size German Shepherds) and a furball of a cat completed the homely picture.

She took me for a drive around Rehab City. They have apartment complexes, town houses (2 split apartments on 2 floors) and villas. Nice greenery. The concept of similar design is applied here (there are 3-4 master designs from which you choose one as the design you want, you can't just design anything you want) This gives it a kind of irregular uniformity, so its pleasing to the eye. Lots of greenery and a few purple flowering trees in bloom.

Rehab City has a big mall and a small mall, their own cinema theatre, but what I liked best was the souk area, where you could find all household needs at prices more reasonable than the mall. Felt like a neighbourhood market.

They also have a hospital on the premises which is supposed to be pretty good.

Traffic is minimal and orderly. Roads are in great condition. Pavements are regular and exist. Its as easy to walk around the city as it is to drive.

Its a nice place to live if your work/school is closeby.


joearado said...

EGYPT ROCKS! I dig your blog,You put alot of time and effort into it Kim. Ive never been there myself. But I think it would be awesome to see all the ancient cities and ruins. Cool blog,very cool.

Kim said...

Thanks for the kind compliments Joe :)

Anonymous said...

well, at least Giz, the furball got mentioned..lol
Good description of Rehab !

Kim said...

I've been having privacy and confidentiality issue with American friends, hence no names in personal posts where the person can be identified.

Its easier than asking for permissions each time. LOL

Joanne said...

Its a small world when I mentioned your blog to a friend of mine in Cairo he said he had met you :)
I enjoy dipping in from time to time
The blue flowered trees are jacaranda's

Kim said...

Thanks Joanne for clarifying on the flowers :)

Hesham said...

Hi Kim,

Thanks for the valuable info across the site. I would appreciate your guidance if I am to choose between The British School Al Rehab (TBS) or Cairo English School (CES) for my FS2 boy if money issue is put aside. Are you aware of other good british schools within Al Rehab district subject to the same monetary range.

Kind Regards,


Kim said...


Schools is not something, I have any solid information about. so unfortunately I will not be able to answer your questions accurately.

You would be better off asking this particular question to someone who has a better grasp on this.

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