Sunday, April 13, 2008

Some new shopping options coming to Cairo

Read somewhere that Makro Cash and Carry is due to make its entrance in Cairo by end 2008!

I'm so excited.

Links to Makro:

Its like a Sam's Club. So you can get good quality stuff at low prices when you buy in bulk. It sells only to Retailers in some countries because regulations prevent them from selling in the open market. But there are ways to get around that retailers permit.

The only restriction in India Cash and Carry is on alcohol. You have to have a bar licence to buy more than 3 liters of alcohol at a time.

The Hawary guys behind Hyper One and el Hawary supermarkets are planning a shopping district.

It will contain a mall, a hypermarket, 20,000 square meters of food area, a fun park designed by Disney, conference hall, huge exhibition area and an outlet space.

He is modeling it on Mall of America. They have started the blueprints and are in final negotiations with the ministries

This will be on Cairo-Ismalia road near 10th of Ramadan City.

They want to open a branch of Hyper One on Cairo-Fayoum road and Cairo-Alex agricultural road.

Mohamed el Hawary mentioned this in an interview with Business Today, Egypt. April 2008

Park Avenue
It’s a 2 billion LE project that covers an area of 4 million sq meters in 6th of October.

It will have a mix of office, retail and residential spaces.

Banks, bookstores, health care facilities, high end fashion stores, restaurant chains and fitness facilities will complete the picture.

Launched in July 2007, phase one of the project is 40% complete and sold out.

Expected delivery date is end of 2010 - mid 2011.

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