Monday, April 21, 2008

Dreamland Sports Club

Thanks to alli for gathering most of this info

Dreamland Sports club is a little beyond Dreamland Theme park.
The gate is between the Dreamland Mosque and the Hilton on the Oasis Al Wahat Road.
You have to be a member to use it although visitors are allowed accompanied with a member.

Membership is lifetime.
Cost is
19,500le single
23,000 couple no kids
36,000 family (all kids under 25)
It can be paid over 2 years with 2 equal sums for single and 3 years for couple and family.

For membership you will need to fill in a form in the big office as you enter the gates on your right. You need the deposit and 3 photos of each member. It takes a month to issue your id cards with picture on.

When you join you are given 10 free passes every year. Then if you need more you can buy ONE book of 10 passes for 50le and after that books of 10 for 100le. These passes can be used for visitors.

They have an Olympic size pool, children's fun pool and 2 small toddler pools, they are constructing one ladies only poolto be finished by December 2007.
All pools are 5 star hotel like with tables and chairs and guards.
Food is available poolside.
There are 2 lots of dressing rooms with lockers, showers, and toilets with cubicles for changing, take you own soap, shampoo and toilet paper.

I saw yellow hotel towels and maybe they are available too?
There is a fast food restaurant and a barbecue in the evenings, a golf pro shop and ice cream shop.
It is well laid out in beautiful gardens.
It has many courts, basketball, football (lit) croquet, a 700 meter trim walk, gymnasium.
The gym and swimming are free, courts have to be booked, trim walk is free.
They run karate etc and they are paid.

The gymnasium is mixed but the ladies have 3 sessions a week purely for ladies 5-7 evening.
They have all types of equipment, 3 running machines, stairmaster, weight machines, Cybex, loose weight etc.
All air conditioned.
There are showers and lockers.

There is also a spa and sauna for I think 10le a session.

Rules say swimcaps must be worn, and no teeshirts or outdoor clothes in pool although many folk did not wear swimcaps and lots wore teeshirts in the pool in the heat.
Water is crystal and grounds are manicured, changing rooms are spotless.

It opens at 8am till very late but pool closes at sunset. It has plenty of nice places to sit, parasols to sit under, outdoor tables and chairs dotted around. It is not busy, with screaming kids except Fridays and Saturdays!! lol

Car parking is free and your membership is checked at the gate.


LuLu said...

Hey there,
I have a random question regarding the DreamLand sports club. Do you know if they offer memberships for visitors, bc im going to Egypt for 2 weeks, and my parents are currently building a villa there, however I havent been to Egypt in 8 years, and can't live without the gym. If you know of anything Iwould appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

Kim said...

If your parents (or a friend) is a member then you can accompany them as a guest. But as far as I understand, I do not think that they award temporary memberships. You may be better off trying the Golds gym in the area

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