Saturday, April 12, 2008

Afro-Asian Womens Charity Bazaar

Today was the Afro-Asian Womens' Charity Bazaar at el Sawy.

Present were the usual suspects. Home grown jewelry designers, the fake branded wallets and purses. Some of the open house people with stuff left over from previous sales.

There were a few good stalls though. The Indonesian womens stall had some beautiful masks from back home for 60Le and 100LE depending on size.

The women of Brunei had some interesting stuff too.

The Bangladeshi stalls had some lovely material and saris that I didn't consider because I know I can get them cheaper and with a wider range in Delhi or Calcutta.

The Indian stall was missing though. I didn't see it anywhere. The pakistani stall had some awesome food. Chicken biryani for 15LE - 2nd best commercially prepared biryani I have had in Egypt and some awesome cutlets/kebabs - for 3LE each. they were very similar to the shikampuri's without the onion stuffing in the centre.

The good news is that this husband wife couple are planning to start a catering or restaurant business sometime soon. Will let you know as soon as I know they are up and running :)

The Bangladeshi biryani looked very low on masala so we skipped that. But they had a lot of food at their stall too.

hmmmm, I'm looking forward to the refuge Egypt fair coming up next weekend where African food is on offer (today was only Asian options on the food) longing to sink my teeth into some njeera and spicy curry. I hope the week goes quickly.

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